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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

* Surfing the Site (general)
* What's "BoomTV"
* Log-in Problems
* Viewing the Photos
* Searching a Model
* Downloading Zip Files
* Watching the Videos
* My Subscription

Surfing the Site (general)

Why don't I see the latest updates? (Proxy Servers)

The problem with proxy servers is that they store content to speed up download speed. This might be fine for rather static pages but is a problem on heavily updated sites like You should surf without proxy servers because you might not get the latest updates otherwise.

To disable on Windows PC's:

click [Start] => [Control Panel] => [Connections] => [LAN settings] => [disable any checked feature] => [restart the computer]

Please do not use spiders to dump the complete site. Automatic downloading the complete site or large parts of it reduces the server speed and negatively affects fellow member's ability to surf the site. Our server security system will block you if spidering is detected.


We call our videos "Boom TV," because our girls make your heart go boom! :-)

Log-in Problems

I get the message "Authorization Required" if I try to log in.

Please keep in mind that username and password are case sensitive. Type them exactly as they were sent to you by e-mail upon your sign-up.

Disable anonymizing software and do not use anonymizing URLs. Disable programs such as: Norton Internet Security or Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb. They might be considered hostile by the server's security.

I sometimes get "You are blocked temporarily" when I try to log-in.

Our server security system monitors hacker attempts and account abuse and might block you in the following cases: You have tried to log-in unsuccessfully many times within a short time frame. Your username has been used from various IP addresses with a short time frame. Wait for about an hour and try again, and it will probably work. If not, contact us.

Viewing the Photo

Why do photos (especially the large ones) have a poor, pixelated or compressed look?

For optimal viewing, please use the correct "Color Depth." Just set your color settings to 24 or 32 bits. To change this settings:

Windows PC: [Control Panel] => [choose Display] => [click Settings] and set video card to the highest possible color depth (24 or 32 bits). De-activate "Image Compression"

Some Browsers have a feature that will automatically resize larger images to fit the screen or speed up download time. The result is that the images look ugly.
You should de-activate this feature! To do so:

Internet Explorer: [click Internet Options] => [Advanced] => [Multimedia] => [un-check "automatic image resizing"]

Netscape 7.1: [click on Edit in the Toolbar] => [Preferences in the Edit drop-down menu] => [Appearance] => [uncheck the "Resize large images to fit in the browser window"]

AOL Browser: [settings within your AOL browser] => [choose preferences] => [internet properties (www)] => [web graphic tab on top] => [choose "never compress graphics"]

Searching a Model

If you are looking for a specific model, click on "girls" on the main menu. Then, once at that page, the girls are alphabetized from a - z so you can find her by her first name.

Downloading Zip Files

How do I download and extract the zip files?

1.) Windows PC: [right click on the mouse] => [choose "Save File As"]
Mac: [click on the mouse while holding down the control button] => [coose "Download Link to Disk"]

2.) [choose the destination on your hard-drive] => [click "Save"]

3.) [open the .zip file] => [extract the content to your desired destination]

No software to open zip files?

For Windows:
For Mac:

Problems downloading / extracting zip files?

A common problem (empty zip files, etc.) is the local firewall (hardware / software). Check the settings and allow zip files to be downloaded. Also check your browser settings (security) if you still have problems.

Watching the Videos

How do I watch the videos?

You need a movie viewer on your computer. You can choose between:
Windows Media Player (download here) or Quicktime (download here).

1.) Choose the desired file format

2.) Windows PC: [right-click the link] => [choose "Save File As"]; Mac: [click while holding down the control button] => [coose "Download Link to Disk"]

3.) [choose the destination on your hard-drive] => [click "Save"]

4.) [open the video file with the appropriate movie viewer]

My Subscription

How do I retrieve my password? Please click here.

How do I cancel my subscription? Please click here.

Still questions?

If you still have problems, email:

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