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posted: 12/11/05

Sorta Shy

Daisy's Blog Entries on Barbara

New Photo Set - Barbara - Pink Lingerie

New Model!! New Model!!! New Model!!! New Model!!!

Yes, my boyz, her name is Barbara, and she's our new model!!! She's got sunbeams round her belly button, totally cute little tits, a killer smile, an adorable ass, and a collection of underwear that's going to send you into siezures. We have photos and videos which we'll be posting throughout the month, and all I can say is, resistance is futile because Barby's going to grab your love and shake it til the wows come home!

Welcome, Barbara, and get to it, boyz!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Her Private Place

This is the first Barbara video, and it's a really sweet gem where you get invited into her house, talk with her a bit, and then the photo shoot starts. B's wearing this cute sundress, and she has that awesome beach skin and swimmer's hair, and her goal is to take us in close so we can watch her pull her skirt up and show us her baby blue panties. Mmmm....

Some sites claim to have "girls next door." But when you look at the girls, you think "I've never lived next door to anyone like THAT!" Either they're too made up or they're too ugly. But Barbara, now her you've lived next to. She's a bright sunny fresh looking California girl, who's totally open to adventure and boyz and living the good life. So join her, dude!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Barbara - Sundress Bunny

You know how when you're driving in Southern California, and a car pulls up next to you at the light, and it's a convertible, and the top is down, and the sun is shining, and there in the front seat of the car, preferably in the driver's seat, is a sundress bunny.

Bare shoulders, flowing hair, perfect tan, sunglasses, lipstick, red nails, and a sneer and a snarl and a smell. You don't know what to do. You're in love, but the light is changing. She's about to speed off...what do you say? How do you approach her? O, there she goes! But O, here she need to say anything. Your sundress bunny is here, and the light never changes on

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Pale Blue Panties

It's sunny, beautiful day in SoCal, and Barbara is doing her very first photo shoot. This video documents her every thrilling gesture as she gets it on with the lensman. In her flowery summer dress, she lounges on the couch, wanders around the dining room, and begins pulling her skirt up every so slightly, revealing the most adorable pair of pale blue panties.

What's so great about Barbara is her shyness. This girl is real - she's a paralegal secretary - who has no modeling ambitions. She's just good friends with Kitana, and Kitana turned her onto DaisyBeach, and she's exploring the teasing side of her personality in this highly sexy vid. Savor it!
- Daisy

New Photo Set - Barbara - Lazy Kitty

Barbara is sorta lazy. I mean, in a good way. In a kitty cat way. In a way that shows she's amenable to chillin' out. To relaxing, taking it off, and sharing herself. She grew up on Hermosa Beach, and the bunnies down there are way mellow.

Watch the way Barbara gives the camera a glance, and then pulls up her skirt. There's something so natural, so original, so new about it. She's taking a risk, and sharing herself. Ya gotta be grateful.

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Bare Bottom Girl


Now here's a vision for computer-sore eyes. It's morning. The light has just begun emerging, and it's bouncing off the ocean in thru Barbara's bathroom window. The glossing on the glass gives the glow of the sun a special mellow tinge, and all seems dreamy and creamy and ready for love.

In steps Barbara, and begins pulling her panties off, lifting her skirt, and giving us a downright honest totally awesome underwear show, with cute coochy and lanky legs to boot. Now that's better than coffee!!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Barbara - Upskirt Princess

Barbara has just the cutest way of lifting up her skirt and showing off her baby blue panties. You have got to see it. With each yank at her sundress, more panty comes out, and her smile gets bigger and bigger, and she blushes and blushes, and the panty peeps out some's a total treat.

You have to understand what a girl like Barbara is going thru to do something like this. She's never done it before, but she really wants to. Are you there for her, dude?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Barbara - Lifts Her Skirt

Barbara is standing in the bathroom. It's early morning, just a few days ago. The light coming through the bottle-bottom window is musky, diluted, and warm. And Barbara is standing in her sundress, lifting it for you to see. She lifts it slightly, and the curve of her hip emerges. She lifts it a little more, and soon her blue lace panties begin to show. What Barbara has for you will blow your mind.

She has such sexy brown smooth underportions, you just have to go there. Go on. Go there. Barbara is inviting you with each peek under her skirt. And those deserve some dessert.

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Top Down

Come and take a ride with Barbara. She's got the top down, her sundress is clowing in the wind, and her bronze beautiful smooth skin is glistening beneath the mid-day sun. This is California's ultimate past-time: driving around with the roof down. And Barbara is such a babe! Enjoy this little ride around the block and just imagine yourself going gunshot :-)

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Top Model Shoot

Here's a great example of what it's like to be a fly-on-the-wall at a top model shoot. Barbara has worked with many of the big agencies, both in print and web, and she knows how to carry herself. And to see the breeze blowing thru her hair, it's a true vision of California freedom. I nominate Barbara to be on the state flag!

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Cruisin Cutie

This is the best video we have of Barbara. She's walking around her apartment wearing a pink panty/silk top combo, and the shape of her girlish secrets are all right there. She's got a sexy tattoo around her belly button, her panties are hugging her kitty real tight, and her perfect round breasts are visible under the sheer tight silk top. It's a perfect video, like spending a few minutes with your dream...and ALL our videos are large, clear, and colorful. Not to be missed, dudes!

- Daisy

New Video - Barbara - Bye Bye Baby

This is our last video of Barbara, and with that we wave, bye, bye, baby. She's given us so much...the blue panties on the couch, the straps down in the convertible, the super sexy pink panty/bra combo that showed her awesome belly button tattoo...and now the most revealing video where her spirit is laid bare to the members. Say thank you and give her a kiss!

- Daisy

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