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posted: 12/22/06

Bright Angel

Daisy's Blog Entries on Cindy

New Photo Set - Cindy - Bright Angel

New model!!! New model!!! New model!!!

Here she of our more exciting new models in a long while. The incredible Cindy K. She's a blonde bombshell from San Diego, CA, and we have plenty of video and photos. In over three hours of video and nearly 400 photos, Cindy is going to let us into her life, into her beauty, into her body, and we will all be better for it. She's a bright blonde angel, so get ready to go to heaven.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Cindy - Full Support

It's been a while since we put up a Cindy set, and the wait has been worth it.

This girl is a full bodied, ripe, luscious, beautiful, pure California blonde, who's about as beautiful as any girl you're going to find anywhere.

Daisy Girls rock, dude!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Cindy - Wow Thong

See those luscious melons there?

Guess who they belong to? Me! Just kidding :-)

They belong to you, my members. So come inside and claim your present! Some sweet milky warm lovely boobs, ripe for the rubbing and sucking, all for you!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Cindy - Silk Angel

Some girls just have that look that makes you this "super star." Once, I was walking down Monterey Blvd. and I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in the window of a restaurant, and she gleamed "like a star."

Cindy is the same kind of girl. Bright, effervescent, shining, warm, wonderful, brilliant, and above all, beautiful.

Come in and make a wish on a star :-)

- Daisy

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