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Jennifer L

Super Model

Jennifer L's Blog Entries

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - NEW MODEL!!!

Here she is. Our next new model. Her name is Jennifer L, she's from Los Angeles, and we don't call her "Super Model" for nuthin. Blonde, petite, tall, gorgeous, smart, and full of character...this is just the beginning of describing such a classic and yet modern beauty.

And we'll get lots of opportunity to describe her, because we have video and photos up the yazoo to show you of this sumptuous honey. So sit back and experience "a dream come true" - Jennifer L, giving her all to you!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer - Cow Chick Chic

I'm really pleased to be presenting more Jennifer. And we have lots more where this came from, including video. But for now, it's photo time, and these sexy shots of my long lean blonde babe could go in any fashion magazine. There's a reason we call her the "super model."

She's just that good, that hot, that sure of herself. She has that stature thing that makes you want to be around her, and to put your hands on her. What a beauty this girl is. Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Sunny Day Blonde

The hills of Los Angeles are some of the most beautiful in the world. Sure, they are often covered with McMansions, but some of them are actually lined with some of the most gorgeous architecture you've ever seen. And the wind and the air and the Pacific ocean smells and the ten million kinds of plants all around, well, it's paradise on the right morning.

And that's where we took Jennifer L for this totally sexy teen babe photo shoot. She's out there, posing like the super model that she is, looking as cute as can be, and she is California dreamin' in the flesh. And what fine flesh it is!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Green Piece

I love this set. It has a certain mood that few others have attained. Sure, it is partly the amazingly lush green background, but also the way that green brings out the bright and rich colors in Jennifer L's hair, eyes, and skin. She is such a foxy babe!

I also want to direct your attention to another cool site, which I rarely do but which Ihope to be doing more of soon. It's a podcast that I found through my itunes yesterday and I think it's some of the funniest, craziest shit I've heard in a while. It's called the Epileprechaun Show. Very smart, very cool. Here's the link, and get laughing!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Master Bedroom

Here's Jennifer L, looking so darn pretty and vulnerable and available, posing in her bedroom in her HeeHaw piggy tails and her light blue hot pants. Have you ever seen eyes so welcoming and enticing than Jennifer L's? And those skinny, gorgeous arms. I'm SO jealous.

Be sure and send us your faves and raves so we can keep the pages up-to-date. Just click on faves and raves in the menu and shout it out. Let us know what you like most so there can be more of it!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Cowgirl Sexy

Here's Jennifer L, a very popular model with our members, and she's in full cowgirl duds, ready to go out there and ride the bucking bronco 'til the sumbitch breaks. Of course, throughout it all she's looking quite stunning in some suede chaps and jacket, a lovely floppy cowgirl hat, and some totally awesome shades.

If you're looking for an absolutely hot blonde to bring some joy to your day, look no farther than Jennifer.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Cotton Undies

Jennifer L is what you'd call an underwear model. She's the perfect underwear model, in fact, because when she's sporting a pair of adorable flower print tighty whities, you swear on your grave you've never seen anything cuter or sweeter. She wins your heart with her panties.

And in fact, did you know she has her own underwear company? And that she's been in Maxim and several other major magazines? And that she was a VJ on a popular cable music television show? Yes, she's a celebrity, Texas style, California transplant tease. Jennifer L is pure blonde perfection, dudes!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Nymph of the Field

This is Jennifer - that slender, tall, exotic blonde with the brains and the beauty that never stop upping one another - posing in a field of green grass by a pool. Can you say "step into your fantasy"?

Just imagine yourself walking through a dark forest, then, ahead, you see a glint of light shining in a circle midst the trees. Stepping forward, you pull some branches aside and there you see a vision - this vision -this blonde nymph posing nude by the water, inviting you for a swim. So, dude, you gonna dive in or not?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - None Finer

Here's a photo set to set your summer straight. Jennifer L is a total California princess, even though she's from Texas. But no matter where she's from, she's all golden.

Decked out in a skimpy white lace top and some tight blue shorts, she looks like a supermodel onvacation. Then, when the top comes off and the zipper opens, she looks like a bunny at work. What a babe!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Cotton Playmate

There's something truly awesome about cotton undergarments. They are both cute and sexy, both simple and glamorous, both private and highly exhibitionist. Their association with the "school girl" look also helps them with that sexy mystique.

Well, what you have here is one of our hottest models showing off this hottest of clothing items. In a pair of green cotton panties and a white cotton undershirt, Jennifer L rolls around her bed and generally behaves like a happy little kitty. Time to make her purr!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Close Up

Wanna see Jennifer L's nipple? Now you can!!!

This photo set is called Close Up, and indeed, here's a set where you are definitely going to want to download the 3000 pixel images and spend some long swaths of time checking out the big poster-size images of one of our sexy models.

And when it comes to sexy model, Jennifer L takes the cake. Or maybe she is the cake. Pure vanilla, pure sweet, pure goodness. Sink your teeth into some angel food!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Nipple Pinch

Jennifer L is one of those girls that doesn't want to get naked for the camera. Okay, you have to respect that. She has something to protect, and that's cool.

But she is special in that she's willing to go topless and wear a sheer bikini bottom and rather than a full hand bra, she gives us some nipple glimpses and some nipple pinches. And trust me...that's A LOT!!! These are some super sexy shots of one of our finest models. Come watch a blonde beauty pinch her nips just for you!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Suede Seduction

This is a really hot set starring Jennifer in her cowgirl chic get up of suede and sunglasses and cowboy boots and a frilly vest that makes her look like a saloon stripper.

And like I swear just a few moments spent staring at Jennifer L will cure what ails you. She is a tall, sexy, skinny blonde who runs her own panty company and knows how to look like a dream. Your dream. Come and get these photos...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Window Undressing

Jennifer L has that tall, statuesque, slender body that makes a super model.

But she's also cute, in a young sorta way, and also in the way her eyes are wide and her curiosity insatiable.

And then there's the daisy dukes and the pony tails.

An amazingly cute girl who's also sophisticated sensuously...and some way fine photos.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Creampie Cutie 

I love these photos of Jennifer L. They have this warmth, this intimacy, this welcoming quality that you don't see often.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Jennifer L is looking mighty fine in these shots.

The hair is an extra nice touch. O, and the no shirt.

Pure quality woman, delivered to your desktop.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Wet and Wonderful  

We have quite a few photos of Jennifer L. But in this set, you get to see her topless.

This Texas-raised model, actress, and underwear designer heats up FX’s DVD on TV. She's a super mover and shaker, and sexy as anyone out there. Here's what she said when she appeared in Maxim:

"“With the show, I’ve been dividing my time between acting and modeling and designing and marketing my Dizzy Daizy underwear line. I love sleep, but it’s getting harder to fit it in!”

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Green Panties  

These are some really sexy photos of one of our most desired models, Jennifer L. She appears here in a very delicious little top and some green panties. And she is looking SO fine.

Jennifer has that casual Sunday morning girlfriend look. Like she had a long...and good...night.

And here she is, in the bed, pulling her clothes this way and that to wake her lover up. You awake?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jennifer L - Summer Camp Girl

Remember going to summer camp and falling in love for the first time? And usually it was with every girl there, they were all so hot.

Jennifer L will remind you of one of those girls. She's sexy, smart, and totally fresh. She'll bring a splash of warmth into your life as the days grow colder.

I don't know about you, but it's freezing where I am. Come in and warm up!

- Daisy

New Video - Jennifer L - Meet Jennifer

This is our first Jennifer video! Woo hoo! Give a shout, cuz this girl is hot, and you get to watch her in action. Did you know she actually owns and operates a designer underwear store? And you can see some of that underwear in her videos. Personal, pretty little panties, made to fit just right on the beautiful blonde Jennifer L!

- Daisy

New Video - Jennifer L - Chic and Sweet

Jennifer L has all the makings of a super star. She's hosted her own tv show, she makes her own panties, and she's a model who's appearing in more and more media. But only at can you actually see her strut her stuff. Come inside and spend some time with this video. It will spark your fantasies!

- Daisy

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