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Jennifer L

French Dancer

Jenny's Blog Entries

New Photo Set - Jenny - French Dancer - NEW MODEL!!!

New model!!! And this one is an absolute pure supreme winner of a babe. Her name is Jenny, she is a dancer from France, and is so beautiful, so bright, so blonde, she's certain to take your heart and twist it into all the right shapes.

Everything about this girl speaks perfection. Her tight dancer's body, her voluptuous curly hair, and her sparkling sweet smile. Welcome, Jenny!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Jenny - Honey Pie

I just couldn't resist putting up some more Jenny. This girl is such a honey white angel food peachy thing, who couldn't just stare at her fine ripe goodness for hours?

Come in and take a look at the creamiest, purest, sweetest girl on the web!

- Daisy

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