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Latin Mystery

JLo's Blog Entries

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New Photo Set - JLo - Latina Mysteriosa - NEW MODEL!!!

Meet JLo. No, she's not THAT JLo, but we think she's just as hot, if not hotter because she's not such a vapid pop star. In fact, she's our thoughtful hotty, as we like to call her.

With a dark look in her eyes that seems to be inviting mischief and an adorable young body with all the right proportions, JLo is a total delight to look at, so let her positive wise vibes soak into your mind and offer you the peace you need. This is latina mysteriosa!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - JLo - Thoughtful Hotty

This is a sweet little series of photos showing our newest model, JLo, at her most intimate. Sitting in her bedroom, looking into the camera all dewy-eyed, driving our members crazy.

JLo is definitely one of the prettiest models on the site, in just that classic, yummy, welcoming way. Like the girl in high school that every guy had a crush on, but she was saving herself for college cuz she was so smart and together. A real pure breed. And with the finest little breasts you'll find anywhere. Nice view, dudes!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - JLo - Pale Bun Huggers

JLo is looking so good in these new photos, pulling her shirt up and exposing what has to be one of the finest bellies on the site. She has that creamy, slightly brown skin that you know is smoother than anything you've ever touched.

This is one super cute girl, and all her photos are bathed in this angelic, soft light that makes her look like your ultimate fantasy girl, come down from the clouds to show you a thing or two. Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - JLo - Leopard Thong

I think JLo is the girl on this site that I'd like to spend some bedroom time with (were I that kind of girl, and I'm least part of the time...or most of the time...or none of the time...:-)).

In this series, you really get to see the shape of her private parts. She's peelling off her clothes, and letting her body shine. Plus she's giving those incredible pouty looks into the camera, with her big kitty eyes. What a babe!

- Daisy

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