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posted: 12/11/05

Bright and Bubbly

Johanna's Blog Entries

New Model - Johanna - Bright and Bubbly


If any girl on the site deserves the "Nice Award," it's Johanna. She's just one of those girls who's always smiling, always helping out, always showing her most friendly side. And fortunate for us, she also likes to show her naked side!

Johanna is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and you just have to hear her accent on the videos to appreciate what a sexy kitten she really is. Her tongue just lilts and slides over her words with the most sensual sound!

But her voice isn't all that's hot about Johanna. To see her slipping in and out of her white cotton panties, a see-thru silk evening dress, or some really tight biking shorts (camel toe, anyone?), is truly a delicious vision. So, enjoy our dear Johanna, as sweet as she is sexy!

New Photo Set - Johanna - Topless Tubbing

Here she is! That sexy Argentinian model, named Johanna. In this series you get to see her dancing and gyrating near the hot tub, and then slowly the bikini starts to come off. Very delicious to see!

Johanna has that super sexy Latin American thing going on, which can definitely be seen (and heard...with her accent) in her videos. But in her photo sets, you know you're getting some genuine salsa! Hot California style!

- Daisy

New Video - Johanna - Super Fresh

Johanna's just finished an exhilarating bike ride, and it's time to slip into something a little more stimulating. So it's off with the bike shorts, giving us a wonderful glimpse of her cotton panties in a real wedgy position (doesn't Johanna have the most tempting bubble butt?), and on with what must be the sexiest see-thru cocktail party dress I've ever seen. The site of Johanna's gorgeous bod peeking thru that silk is enough to make a man, well, I'll leave that up to your carnal imaginations.

Thanks to Johanna for this wonderful "wardrobe video," and letting us all into her changing room for a sneak peek at her "prettification process." Argentina Uber Alles!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Johanna - Bubbly Baby

This is the kind of shoot that makes you want to climb into the tub, have a daquiri, and start to swim out of your suit. Imagine you've been skiing all day, or working hard and you need a sweat, or you and a girlfriend (say she looks like Johanna, just for the fun of it) book a club house with a soak sink, and it's time to take a dip.

Beautiful smile, beautiful body, and a lot of bubbly. Join Johanna in the jacuzzi, dude!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Johanna - Thrilling You Softly

Johanna's like one of those expensive dates that totally pay for themselves with the extra long love session that precedes and follows the financial expenses of dinner and entertainment. Just watching her slip on and off her white cotton panties and her exotic silk white evening dress is worth the price of admission!

Johanna is from Argentina, and her accent is enough to slay the beast with love. But when she's looking into the camera and wondering if you like her dress, well, no man is immune. No man is immune.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Johanna - Elegant Release

What an ass!!! Johanna looks incredible in this sexy white see-thru lingerie item. She looks like the perfect dinner date, with her fluffy pale yummy buns peering thru the fabric, tempting you to dessert.

These shots were taken in Johanna's actual apartment, and it is a LOVE DEN. Come in and watch her long lean legs and her jiggly buns turn you WAY ON, because this girl has a backside to DIE FOR!!!

- Daisy

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