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posted: 12/11/05

Dark Mistress

Justina's Blog Entries

New Model - Justina - Dark Mistress


Introducing Justina, our "dark mistress." While it can be rare to find such sultry ravens in the So Cal area, they do exist, and they are as covetd as blondes in Italy. And Justina is such a creature. With her long flowing brunette locks, and her Mediterranean goddess features, she's a totally sexy challenge to the idea that blondes have all the fun.

There's something serious about Justina that I like. She's playful and very friendly, but when it comes to "turning it on for the camera," she has this look in her eyes that lets you know she feels the power. And she means to use it. I've seen men almost fall over dead when Justina flashed them "a look of interest" in a club. She just has that sultry, come-hither force. Which you definitely get big time in her photos and videos.

So, be careful. Justina might just snare you in her net!

New Video - Justina - Hot Black Hose

Today we have a new Justina video, and I'm again convinced that this girl has magical seductive powers. If I could use my eyes like she does to lure men with my serious sensual intention, I'd be riding high. Okay, maybe I already am, but you get my point :-)

Much of Justina's video was shot in a movie studio lot in West Hollywood. And this lends, I think, to the sense of her as a sort of "vintage" model. She's kind of right out of the early Playboy's...a cabaret or movie starlet who's decided to pose nude to prove to the world that she has the power. And after you watch this video, you'll definitely feel it!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Tempting You

Here's Justina, looking as elegant and ravishing as ever. She's wearing a lace bustier, a silk black skirt, a black lace bra, and slender dark panties with pretty little prints. I think you'll like it :-)

As for me, I spent the day hiking around the Tule River. You can read about it here. We hiked along the banks, took a dip in the cool clear pools (damn, was it cold!), and sun bathed on the rocks. It was a totally awesome day, and I suggest everyone support the movement to save America's riparian spaces by clicking here.

Because, ya know, like clean rivers are like clean girls - life giving wonders that are great to get in!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Furry Muffin

Yeah, yeah, Justina's got a furry muffin, yeah, yeah.

No, I don't mean THAT muffin. I mean the giant furry coat she's wearing, and taking off, and playing with. O, and okay, maybe I do mean THAT muffin too...

Watching Justina show her stuff to the camera is like watching a great artist at work. She looks over her body, picks and chooses its various portions, and then slowly, temptingly reveals them to the camera. She's always seducing, always revealing something, howeverso slight. This girl is a pro.

Come inside and take a peek at Justina's furry muffin in all its seductive splendor!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Alabaster Rose


The industrial-style, airplane-hangar environment of these early photo sessions with Justina make them all the more sexy. She seems like one of those girls that WWII fighter pilots would have pasted onto the side of their planes. A real pin-up girl. A real foxy girl.

We get to see several sides of Justina here. The humorous, giggling, girlish side. The intimate, sultry, seductive side. And the cold, distant, come-and-get-me side. But no matter which side of Justina you're looking at, it's always 100% pure California gold.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Naked Steel

Against large stainless steel movie props - airplane parts? art deco architectural buttresses? giant gangsa-land ashtrays? - Justina is posing with her dashing combo of giant black fuzzy Prince coat and sheer lacey silk underpanties. In her black heels she looks like the lover of Mussolini.

Does anyone look into the camera with such a stunning mix of "Don't you ever look at me that way" and "Devour me with your eyes or I'll bite your balls off" than Justina? She is dangerous deadly, and you can't get enough.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Open Bustier

The outfit Justina is wearing in this photo set must be the ideal thing for showing off her petite, delicious, hour-glass figure. With her long dark curly hair, her mysterious bedroom eyes, and the pale alabaster skin that seems never to have seen the sun, she's one unusual...and beautiful...beach girl. But there are girls like her in LA too...choosing to keep themselves out of the sun, kind of like preserving their innocence, and giving them a kind of royal magical glow. That's Justina. Gorgeous California Royalty. Spend some time with the princess of the tides.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Thong Love

This set is dedicated to Justina's black lacy thong. It's thin as a string, and it smells like lavender, and it cups around her pale white alabaster buttocks in just the right way. And trust me, when she's sportin that string you ain't seein no panty lines on this girl!

Then again, who cares about panty lines when the pants are coming down, as they are in this set? Justina reminds me of what I call a California geisha. She is pure elegant temptation and sophistication itself. Watch her work, and feel your heart fill with desire ;-)

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Topless Nymph

Justina is back, and it's always so nice to write about her photo sets, because they are such lush, aesthetically supreme, simply beautiful events. This one features a whole host of glorious topless shots as Justina strikes some stunning poses. Just look at her taut muscles, her expressive lips, her ivory white shoulers...perfection.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Venus in Fuzz

Here she is, that ultra elegant, super sexy, way delish honey babe with the curly black hair and the absolutely gawjus petite silky white body that would simply snap crackle and pop under the caring touch of any man. Her name is Justina, and you know she will do you justice ;-)

We actually have nearly 2 hours of Justina videos, and they'll start flowing in over the next couple weeks...processing them right stay tuned for the goddess of the alabaster glow!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Master Piece

This is an exquisite 6 minute video (ALL our videos are 5 - 7 minutes) showing Justina doing what she does best - looking like stunning slender babe posing for the King. This girl is the royal choice, the supreme delight of the lord. She's like old world princess material, but when she talks to the camera, you see she's pure California at heart. So nice, so alluring. A hot video with some awesome shots of her fine bod.

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Gentle Vixen

This is an incredible clip that steps into the realm of erotic dream - Justina is sitting on the couch, fine white lace lingerie on her body, and slowly, sensuously she removes it to show what's underneath. This is one sleek feline, purring and playing her way into the camera, where, for a small fee, you can meet her for an intimate encounter of the virtual and unvirtuous type :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Black Beauty

What's so special about Justina, making her one of our most popular, elegant, sophisticated, desirable models? Well, a lot of things, but one thing is the contrast between her incredibly smooth white skin and the black lace and lingerie she likes to wear. The contrast gives her the look of sort of French lady of pleasure.

This is a sweet photo set of Justina toying with her bustier and panties, getting close to the camera and showing her skin...and what fine skin it is!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Black Lily Girl

Justina is that dark girl, with the dark hair and the dark eyes and the dark spirit, all of it coupled with some pure white pale skin. And when she wears the black lingerie, things are cooking.

This is a great shoot of Justina, modeling and undressing, looking like the superstar she is. Justina's done quite a bit of modeling, and she's also a perfume girl at one of LA's most expensive ladies' stores. And at night she can be seen partying on the hilltops in her strapless dress. This girl has class, and we got her!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Personal Princess

You can always count it a lucky day when we post a Justina video. I'll be you that you've never seen a girl so seductive in the way that Justina dribbles off her clothes and lets you see what's underneath all those delicate silks. She is pale, pristine, and pure, and sweet as sugar milk. Come inside and see what a real woman is!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Silky Moods

The concept to this stunning video is as simple as it is stimulating - Justina, as elegant and pristine as any model on our site, is sitting on a couch, slowly opening and closing her lingerie. As it opens, you get to see what's inside. As it closes, you get to gain the expectation of what's to come again, and it does, for as she stares longingly into the lens, pouting and teasing, she opens it again, and the secrets unfold. This is true erotica.

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Delicate Areas

Justina is going to give us a nice, long look at her silky panties in this one. They're those tiny kinds that hug their package good and tight. They come up over her round, slender hips in just the right flattering way, and they cup her girlhood so that it's fresh and bubbly looking, just right for what you'd like it for. Watch this video and get into Justina's most delicate areas.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Open Lingerie

These are photos of Justina opening her lingerie top.

She is so pretty, and so petite, and so delicate, and so pale, but when she opens her white lace top, you really see how perfect she is.

This girl is like a China Doll, only she has attitude to boot.

But that attitude is elegant and sassy and sorta aristocratic.

Imagine having that in your arms...

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Like a Flower

We've been thru a lot with Justina. And she's given us a lot. She's taken off her clothes, bit her lip, shown us her body, and now we get to see her spirit. She's sitting down, and opening up everything. It's all there for us to enjoy. Now we can fall in love with the girl with the purest white body in the world...

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Resplendent Beauty

We've been thru a lot with Justina. She's posed in her big woolly black coat. She's posed in her black lace bustier, looking like the bride of Frankenstein (that monster was LUCKY!) And she's pulled her white lace top off to give us the most intimate peak, a peak we should be grateful for coming from such a delicate lady. And now we get to hear the inner thoughts, dreams, and get to know her a little deeper, which makes love that much richer, don'tcha think?

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Looking At You

If you'd like to sit down and check in with a totally elegant and smart woman opening up to you, then this is your chance. We ask her all kinds of probing questions, and she does her best to answer, blushing and cooing and puckering her lips, but all the while knowing that the boyz just love to hear it. So if you love a girl who can handle the hard balls, here's your honey.

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Naked Steel

What you have here is a luscious 6 minute video of Justina, the elegant seductress, posing topless in front of some stainless steel sculptures. The result is an art video mixed with an erotic motif where a goddess-like woman is giving you her most tempting looks, sharing her body with you, and providing you with an inside track to her beauty. Download and be happy!

- Daisy

New Video - Justina - Sweet So Long

It's time to bid farewell to Justina. This is her final video clip, and I don't imagine she'll be doing anymore. She claims to have left the "nude modeling" thing, so relish these priceless images like you would the last piece of fruit before the winter. This girl is so beautiful and sophisticated, it's a joy to see her and listen to her.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Open Lace  

What is it about watching a beautiful, elegant lingerie model peel off her lingerie ever so slowly?

Justina is just that - a black haired fox with a pale creamy body, and when she opens her lace, magic happens.

Spend some quality time with these photos, and your weekend will definitely get off on the right track.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Justina - Feather Beauty

This is without a doubt our most elegant, explicit set of Justina photos.

She's opened her delicate white silk lingerie and she's showing what's underneath.

This girl is like porcelain, like alabaster. She's a goddess in marble flesh, open now to your mortal eyes.

- Daisy

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