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Laurie W
posted: 12/11/05

Daring Debuttante

Daisy's Blog Entries on Laurie

New Photo Set - Laurie W - Maximum Blonde - NEW MODEL!!

It's NEW MODEL time on DaisyBeach, and the new model in question is Laurie W, an absolutely gorgeous, sensuous, delicious blonde bombshell, what we call a MAZIMUM BLONDE, with all the perfect proportions to whet your appetite for some California color.

Laurie W has it all. Her titties point to the ceiling, with extra perky and sumptuous nippies. Her ass is round and robust and inviting. Plus, she's got those long lanky legs that are good to wrap around ya, and her eyes say "Come in. I've been waiting for you." So, say hello to Laurie. I promise to post at least one photo set every day and her videos will be out soon. Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Laurie W - Bareback Mountains

Our second Laurie W photo set, out of a total of about 40 that we'll be posting, features this incredibly sensuous, seductive blonde posing nude and semi-nude on the bed while having a little phone sex. Every curve, every pore, every dimple of her delectable body is here in full view.

Laurie W reminds me of one of those man-eating women who goes in for the professional guy who thinks he has it all until he discovers Laurie W, who shows him what it's really like to feel pleasure. She will eat you alive, and you'll LOVE it!!!

- Daisy

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Laurie W
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