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posted: 03/12/06

Born To Ride

Daisy's Blog Entries on Mavia

New Model - Mavia - Born To Ride

We have a few biker chicks on our site (Justyn is another), but none of them are as tough as Mavia. This is a girl who’s dated a Hell’s Angel, lived for several years in South Dakota so she could “ride,” and still zips one of her three cycles around LA, often without a helmet. O yeah. Mavia is tough. But she’s also got a soft side, which you get to see plenty of in her photos and videos

I met Mavia through a mutual friend. A guy I was dating. He’d met her because they are both into motorcycles, and he’d seen her riding near his apartment and got to talking “bikes.” Mavia was a little suspicious of doing a nude site…she’s not even a model…but after I talked to her about the concept, she got cool. And now I’m glad I pursued her with such vigor, because she’s a totally unique addition to my group of girls. Enjoy!

New Video - Mavia - Opening Up

So we've seen Mavia ride her motorcycle and pull her bikini off in the pool, now we get to sit down with this rough-rider and hear all about what turns her on, how she parties, and what she wears when she wants to get a guy going.

That's what so awesome about the DaisyBeach videos - you get one a day, and not only do you get to see the girls strip down, but you also get to have some sit-down sessions with them where they get you into the secrets of their sexy personalities. All the better to capture your love with, my dears!

- Daisy

New Video - Mavia - All You Need To Know

Mavia, by her own confession, is a pretty "tough chick." She rides a supersonic Japanese motorcycle, she dates dudes who drive big rigs, and she has been in a few fist fights with nosey girls at dive bars before. That's not to say she doesn't have some perfume and lipstick in her purse. She knows how to be pretty, and she knows how to be fierce. And that's the kind of girl you want by your side when the going gets good :-)

- Daisy

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