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posted: 03/16/06

La La Bombshell

Daisy's Blog Entries on Melissa

New Model - Melissa - La La Bombshell

So, you meet this really cool and crazy girl at a party. She’s wearing practically nothing but a bikini and some flip flops. She’s got this great infectious smile, really big breasts, and a body that could make Pamela Anderson jealous. What do you do? Well, you ask her to pose nude on your site, of course! And what happens? She tells you that she’s always DREAMT of posing nude, so you’ve made her happier than she’s ever been.

That’s what happened between me and Melissa. The party was this swank affair in the Hollywood Hills (some industry thing…I think Cameron Diaz was even there). Melissa was there because she was dating the DP (director of photography). We hit it off immediately, and soon left for a much cooler party in Venice Beach. But the contact was made, and Melissa is on the site, stripping down all the way for you boys. And I dare you to check her out without totally losing your heads!

New Photo Set - Melissa - Hot and Open

It's been a while since we had a Melissa update, and that's a real shame, because this girl deserves all the honey you can scoop her. She's a totally hot buxom blonde who's willing to take it all off for us, and her rack is as sumptuous as they come. But on top of that she has a smile that can keep you alive and a sense of humor that is unbeatable. She had the crew laughing all through her shoot!

But my favorite "Melissa thing" has to be her dreamy, schoolgirl, mischievous pixy eyes. They are so sexy, and they speak "trouble" all over the place. I've been in bars with Melissa and seen her "give the look" to a guy, who proceeds to melt into the floor, so I know the power of which I speak! One totally awesome babe, that's Melissa!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - My Special Secret

Tonight it's Melissa. This joyful girl is wearing a pretty little baby blue nightie, which she shows off for a while and then pulls off for your viewing pleasure. I swear looking at Melissa is like so enjoyable because has this super beaming smile that lets you know how happy she is. And when baby's happy, you're happy.

This is one of those series where you can download the zip file and then put it on slide show and watch Melissa strip before your very eyes. And that juicy bounteous figure of hers only gets better as the clothes peel off. This girl is a lifeguard at Pismo Beach. Can you imagine seeing her bounding through the surf in a bikini, ready to yank you from the roiling waves? Dream, dream, dream :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - I Flash Myself

Melissa is alone, in the bathroom, staring at herself in the mirror. She's got on a light blue pair of panties and a skimpy little spaghetti-strap top. As she watches herself, checking out her own body, she begins to lift the top and reveal her large white sumptuous breasts with their rich dark turgid nipples. The flowers on the counter provide the perfect set piece.

This is a true blonde beach babe with a true beach body letting our boyz see her secrets just for the fun of it.

Now that's totally awesome!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - Under My Skin

I guess it's TATTOO DAY here at DaisyBeach. We posted a video today of Justyn flashing her bare naked back with the massive ink story all over it. And now our photo set shows some of the preliminary shots of Melissa going in and picking her awesome crack tattoo. And we get to see her scarified and poked and inked as she gets marked up for that awesome thong look.

Girls with tats in the smalls of their back are definitely better from behind!

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - Bright Eyes

Melissa is undressing in the bathroom, watching herself in the mirror, observing her own breasts, and taking a glimpse of her bright, blonde, bubbly body. And we get to come along. But I called this series Bright Eyes because some of the footage features Melissa on the bed, talking with the camera, taking off her shirt, and her eyes are just glowing with the thrill of her experience. So come inside and let them shine on you!

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - Pleased To Please

Melissa loves to take her clothes off. And I'm not just projecting to sell memberships. You can see it in her eyes, in the glow of her body, in the way she does it. With gusto, smooth, but also very aware of how she's being watched, and how she's affecting men when she does it. Melissa is a performer, but a natural performer. She's not putting on a show. She's getting real. And her body is a part fo that. And it's beautiful. Trust me. Her body speaks in a language that knows the good life.

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - Bed Time

It's a totally awesome joy to see Melissa rolling around in her bed. It's warm and bright and she looks O so happy in nothing but a pair of baby blue panties. Melissa's eyes emit a generous happiness, and her mellow gold skin and delicious figure give off a sparkle that's sensuous and open. A delightful model, and easy on the eyes ;-)

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - Her Inner Wild

We've seen Melissa stripping off her sundress, we've seen her curled up and topless in the bed, we've seen her perusing her naked self in the mirror, and we've seen her travel to the tattoo parlor and get the infamous crack tat

Now it's time to meet her and hear all about her desires, passions, dreams, and interests. Enjoy this intimate look at one of our hottest blonde beach babes!

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - All My Secrets

In this sit-down session with Melissa, we get to hear about her sensual side, her eager side, her passionate side, her curious side, her sensitive side, and her ambitious side...she's a girl with a ton of dreams and desires, and they all come out in this super sexy intimate interview...and the best part? After getting to know her, you can download parts 1 - 7 (over 50 minutes of video) and watch her take it all off!!!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - Tramp Stamp

Yeah, okay. It's been a pretty major trend of late, getting the tramp stamp, the crack tat, the back paint, you know, the wispy elegant tattoo that sits above the babe see it ALL OVER California, but have you ever actually seen a girl getting one?

This is basically your ink piercing fetish set. A girl pulls her shirt up and a dude in white gloves drives a needle filled with ink into her flesh, marking her and giving her the stamp of the tramp. So if you're into it, the needle is on...

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - In Your Face

No doubt, Melissa is one of the wildest, sweetest, most imaginative girls on our site, and if you're looking for a way to more fully enjoy her ALL NUDE photos and videos, then you should check out these sit-down chat sessions with her, where you get to hear every intimate detail of her sensual and practical's a glimpse into the beautiful spirit of a totally chill awesome babe!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - Flesh Fetish

We continue our journey of following Melissa as she gets her tramp stamp, and the facial expressions on this blonde babeshell are a flesh fetishist's fantasy. Just imagine that creative needle piercing the baby fat of her booty back and inserting that ink under her dermal folds....wouldn't you love to be that artist?

My favorite part? Melissa's smile throughout it all. It's not difficult to imagine her smiling in such a way as more gentle touches are administered to more sensitive parts of her vanilla bod...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Melissa - Exquisite Pain

We've been following Melissa as she gets her tramp stamp put on by a tattoo artist in Monterey, and every set shows her in more and more agony as the needle slices deeper and longer into her skin. But this series tops all the others.

First, you can see her eyes welling up in tears. Then she bends her head over the chair and lets it drop. Then you see her fingers and toes straining as she sucks up the pain. If you're into this kind of thing...a little voluntary S & M via the tat needle...then we've got a show of exquisite pain for you!

- Daisy

New Video - Melissa - Sunshine Face

Melissa has taken us all over town. Into her bedroom, to the tattoo parlor, to the beach, down the street in her cruiser, and all along she has had the biggest, widest, warmest smile you could imagine. Now it's time to follow her a little more closely, sit down, and hear what makes this blonde beauty so happy...and you might be surprised at the answer to THAT!!! A super intimate interview with one of our hottest SoCal chickies.

- Daisy

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