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New Photo Set - Nicole - Scary Cute - NEW MODEL!!!

Here she is! Our new model. Her name is Nicole, she's from San Diego, and she has the sexiest kittenish bedroom eyes, the tastiest perky little tits, and the creamiest Italian girl skin you have ever never seen in your crazy girl-chasing life. Trust me, dudez! This is one unbelievably precious Cali girl!

And we've put her in some of the silkiest sexiest sweetiest white lace lingerie you've ever seen, and we've got her in the bedroom, in the morning light, peeling it off and giving us a show. New model!!!! New model!!! What could be finer? Enjoy my little Nicolita...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nicole - Sunshine Lover

Dudes, Nicole will not let up. This is our second set with her, and this girl just keeps getting tastier and tastier. Like left-over pizza in the fridge! She has that cat-girl look - sheer tight body, sexy kitten eyes, and the most adorable young titties I think we have anywhere on the site.

Just look close and you'll see what's so special about her. The light olive skin. The inviting eyes. The dainty nips under the totally pure white linen. The curvaceous ass mounds. The red plush lips. The fingers, so delicate and eager. This girl is one totally awesome babe!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nicole - Doe Eyed Girl

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has eyes as deep, as mesmerizing, as captivating, as beautiful, as inviting, as exquisite as Nicole. Her lashes are long and thick, her pupils are sparkling with color, and she has that doe-eyed wideness along with the cat-eyed slant that makes for the perfect "windows on the soul."

Of course, it helps that when she's staring into your heart she's also opening a silky white blouse which is gently covering the finest perky pair of titties I bet you've ever seen. Nicole is a TREASURE!!!

- Daisy

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