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posted: 03/25/06

Greek Goddess

Daisy's Blog Entries on Nina

New Model - Nina - Greek Goddess

I call Nina my “Greek Goddess” because her family comes from Greece, and if there was a modern girl who I imagine Helen of Troy looking like, it’s Nina. No, she’s not like one of those 6’2” statuesque blondes, but that’s not what I think Helen looked like. You can find those all over LA. What Nina has that few other girls have is this soft, sensuous, intimate look that draws you in because it’s equal parts mysterious and adorable. And once you’re close to her, you can’t pull away. She is addictively sweet and sexy.

Much of Nina’s photos and videos feature her putting on and taking off various bits from her wardrobe. When the photographers got to her apartment, they discovered that Nina had the most tempting “underwear” collection they’d ever seen – lime green silk bra, white cotton panties with cherries, lace panties that ride high up the cheeks – and so they had her get busy giving them a fashion show. The results are all inside. Perfect girl, perfect underwear, perfect situation.

New Photo Set - Nina - Private Undressing

I must admit. If there's one girl I have the hots for on this site, it's Nina. Okay. True. There's more than one girl I have the hots for, but Nina holds a special place in She is so cute, and yet so elegant and magical. I mean, what other girl is able to lie on the floor, stick her tongue out of her mouth, and make it seem like she's shaking the earth to its core? This girl has power!

We did the shoot with Nina in her bedroom, which is kind of a cross between a southern California bungalo and a northern Mexico pueblo. She's got lots of Mexican furniture, but her linens are strictly Malibu. Nina has the cutest lingerie and panties you'll ever see! Come in and watch her take them on and off...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Free To Look

Nina has that peekaboo teaser girl thing going on big time. The photos in this set are exactly what you'd expect to see if you asked her for a peep show as she was changing into her nightclub garb. She knows how to give you a little shoulder, a little belly, a little titty, and you're in love. Think you can handle it?

There's a bunch of hot photos in here, but then again, any photo of Nina is hot. I have to say, I think she's definitely in the top ten on the site. If you agree, check out our Faves page and give her some juice!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Blue Dress Off

For me, face for face, Nina is the prettiest girl on this site. She's dewy and chewy and wet and clean. No one's as simply flat out pretty as her. She looks like the lady who started all those wars in the ancient days. A dappling fawn of girlish glory.

And this blue dress she's wearing, it's like your dream date how she looks. I love how she moves her eyes, and seems so coy and unaware, even though you know she's loving the attention. Love Nina. It's good for you.

- Daisy

New Video - Nina - Like My Tongue?

Check this out - Nina is in the middle of a photo shoot, she's wearing her sexy lime green lingerie, and the cameraman is moving in close on her, and she decides to give us a tongue show. Beautiful red rosy lips with a wet squirmy muscle moving in and out of them...remind you of anything? This is our cutest girl doing some WAY cute moves - not to be missed!

- Daisy

New Video - Nina - Your Prom Dream

Nina is that girl you dreamt of in school. The girl so cute you couldn't keep your head around her. You'd go to sleep dreaming about her, and then you'd wake up and want only to see her. And when it came to events, all you wanted to do was ask her to go with you. But you couldn't, cuz you thought she was "above" you. Well, she isn't. She's right before you, in this video, available for whatever event you're dreaming of now!

- Daisy

New Video - Nina - Hand Bra Honey

We have over an hour of Nina videos, and every single minute is pure gold. This girl is so cute, and the clothes she puts on and takes off are so sexy adorable on her, you just can't look away. This girl is a living doll, and with each peek at her silky smooth back, her tiny nubile breasts, her heart-shaped bottom, your heart goes boom boom boom. Come to Nina.

- Daisy

New Video - Nina - Precious Panties

Part of Nina's "thing" in her videos is trying on and off different pair of panties. Her lime green silk pair. Her schoolgirl cotton white pair. And then there's her purple pair, which are cotton, but have flower prints on them, and ride high up on Nina's luscious bottom, cupping her coochy in all the right ways. If you dig hot girls in hot panties, your wave is here, dude!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Mint Lingerie

Nina has all kinds of panties and bras and lingerie pieces. And believe me, it took us a while just to get her to show us those, but once she had them out, there was no stopping her.

She put one on, she took one off, she tried another one, all the while showing off her incredibly cute, tan, tight, delicious body.

Nina is Greek-American. And there's a reason we call her Aphrodite. Come in and submit yourself to the goddess of love!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Shades of Gorgeous

Around here we like to avoid the title "art nude." We give you beautiful girls, dressed or undressed or in between, but we don't really claim that it's art. It's just photos of some of the finest, freshest, realest girls you've ever seen.

But I have to say, these shots of Nina approach the realm of art, in my opinion.

The black and white thing helps, but more than that, Nina is just so damn classically gorgeous, so pristine, so delicate and unearthly, you feel you're looking at a statue of young female beauty. And you are

- Daisy

New Video - Nina - Cotton Candy Girl

Nina is as sweet as cotton candy. As the camera follows her around her room, she tries on different bra/panty combinations. Then she comes out naked and puts on the cutest blue t-shirt/undie set, you'd swear you've got a peep-hole into the freshman girls' dorm at your favorite local college. This is voyeur heaven with a girl so cute she makes you cry.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Devil Dress 

Nina's got that blue dress on. It's the devil dress.

Come share some moments with her as she sits on the steps and opens her dress.

Nina, the Greek American wonder.

Thank Aphrodite, only cuter.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Classic Hollywood  

As we've mentioned, Nina is a Greek-American model with big sexy eyes, creamy olive skin, and some amazing little perky breasts.

But as you can see in these shots, she's also classic Hollywood cute.

Watch as she files through her panties looking for the perfect pair...perfect, that is, for her perfect little peach :-)

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Nina - Lingerie Dreams  

Nina is dreaming of her lingerie and how it will make you feel.

And she'll make you feel the best by putting on the best.

She's got lime green, cherry red, schoolgirl white...all of it snuggly fitting over her perfect petite little body.

Nina is a total California cutie. Wanna spend some time with that?

- Daisy

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