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posted: 04/01/06

Sweet Thai Fusion

Daisys Blog Entries on Sammy

New Model - Sammy - Sweet Thai Fusion

If you spend any amount of time surfing the web for California babes, chances are you’ll run across this model. Her name is Sammy, and she’s hot hot hot. However, had her first! We were the first to capture her taking off her clothes and showing those incredible Thai breasts and that curvaceous Thai body. So if you’re into Sammy, come into, where her virgin voyage was made!

We found Sammy through our standard auditions, and she’d just turned legal. Hard to believe that an 18 year old could look like this, but who knows what’s in the LA water?!?! Be that as it may, Sammy is a total natural, peeling off her clothes with the grace of a professional upscale stripper. She has all the moves, and all the goods to give those moods some purpose. And what is her purpose? Driving boys CRAZY!!! So, you ready?

New Photo Set - Sammy - Bedtime Lover

Sammy is this amazing Thai-American model who we met through the casting process, and in the interim she's been moving up up up in the LA world, getting cast in tv commercials, trailers (promotional movies, not white tornado-susceptible trash homes), and a few other websites. With her looks, the sky's the limit.

If I had my way with Sammy, there's two things I'd concentrate on. Those tits and those lips. Two great tastes that taste great together! This girl is succulent Like pineapple dressed in honey. Thai Clover honey, sucked by the emperor's bees. She is one fine looking girl, and in those baby blue panties she wears, who can control themselves?

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Public Nudity

Here's some cause for celebration. Sammy's back, and she's dropping her topping right there on the balcony. Wearing a Thai print silk shirt with those sexy strings that hang over the cleavage for quick access action, a pair of tight raver girl pants, and a big fat hippy girl belt, this babe is definitely playing forward for the LA Takers...:-)

I have to say, I've been really encouraged by all the emails we've gotten on Sammy. It may well be she's currently running as the most popular girl on the site...neck and neck with Autumn and Sarah. When we saw Sammy, we knew she was a must-have for the site, but we weren't sure how far she'd go and how well she'd work on camera. And now we know - far enough and totally awesome! Enjoy!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Open Asian Shirt

Let's face it. You haven't really seen it alluntil you've seen Sammy's succulent brown melons popping out of her silky Asian print shirt. And so, in honor of your seeing it all, here they are. Bouncing out, bobbling around, and looking just O so bodaciously beautiful. Sammy's boobs for all to behold.

The balcony on which these shots were taken overlooks the piers at Santa Monica. We rented a hotel room and got busy with several of our models. You can sorta see the scenery in the background, the chill beach life. But then again, who's looking at the background when Sammy's boobs are out???

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Cocoa Puffs

Sammy has some seriously juicy cocoa puffs. They're brown and sweet and they taste great when they're drowning in milk. Do you want to come in and have yourself a spoonful? She's offering them to you - open and wonderful and bubbly and perky and round and tasty and go for it, dude!

For those of you interested, we have a bunch of topless sets of Leah on the way, as well as hundreds of photos of a fully nude Alyssa, also Laurie W (our next model) is completely naked, with gyno shots, all throughout her hundreds of photos and videos. So....there's plenty of fully naked juicy stuff on the way! Stay tuned!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Private Bed Show

This set is out by popular demand. I had members emailing me, screaming at the top of their keyboards and emoticon registers to give them more naked Sammy. So, here it is.

She starts out in the about the cutest gingham bikini you've ever wanted to teethe upon, and soon her cocoa brown sumptuous lovelies are out and easy for the oogling. Sammy is one perfect babe, no doubt, no pout. And the way she gives her beauty to the boys, well, it makes you believe in big-chested brown angels.Beautiful, my girl!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Babe with a View

Here she is...our current running Member Fave Model, Sammy the Thai-American total babe. When you look at these shots, you'll get why she's on top of the heap. This girl is an absolutely perfect specimen of female allure.

We have over 100 photos of Sammy on the balcony of this hotel off Venice Beach. And throughout the shots, she's taking off her top and giving the most tempating strip show. Imagine yourself there...

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Against the Wall

Here's a super awesome photo set for you. Sammy, topless, and wearing a really hot pair of tight jeans with a hippy leather stitch belt, is up against the wall, stretching out and showing us the delicious contours of her naked back and breasts. This girl is built like a daisy ;-)

My favorite thing about Sammy? Her skin color. It's like the perfect cup of coffee - light brown and sweet - and it's certain to pick you up quick!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Private Dancer

Sammy's up on the balcony, and she's taken her top off. This girl seems to have a thing for showing her fine titties to the lens. On her bottom is a pair of tight jeans and a Sheryl Crow belt, and she's looking like a rock star, no doubt!

I called this one Private Dancer because it's like she's dancing just for you. Look at each photo, the way she moves, and then glances at the camera to make sure you're getting it all. What a babe!

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Supreme Temptation

I'll tell you flat out - this is by far one of the hottest videos we've ever posted. Sammy, Miss Island Eyes 2006 (look it up!), is stripping so sensually in this clip that you just can't take your eyes off her. I guarantee it, dudes. This one will get you SO HOT. Download, view, and be happy for as long as it takes. Welcome as good as it gets!!!

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Miss Island Eyes

Here she is - the winner of the Miss Island Eyes 2006 contest, Sammy, a gorgeous Asian-American model with tons of photos on our site, and her video collection is growing and growing, and so is the turn-ons her videos offer, because this is one of the most tempting, experienced strip sistaz on the site - what she wears, and how she takes it off, is going to put you on Pleasure Island!

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Mirror Games

This is definitely one hot video. Sammy is fully nude in the bathroom, and she's checking herself out in the mirror, touching her breasts, savoring the beauty of her beautiful brown youthfulness. If you'd like to fee like you've just gotten out of the shower with Sammy and she's preparing herself for just a little more, then check out this long, sexy video.

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Happy Suds

How would you like to take a private bath with Sammy? And let me add that the bath is warm, full of bubbly suds, and Sammy is completely naked, opening her legs, splashing bubbles on her breasts, washing between her thighs, pouting at the camera, and basically asking to be more deeply enjoyed by her personal admirer. Is that a scenario to your liking?

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Wet Fox

This is another "Sammy in the Suds" video, much like our last one, but hotter because Sammy is touching herself and laughing and having a great time showing her killer bod to the boyz. You can't beat Sammy when she's in a horny mood and wants to turn you on, because she will do it, and she'll do it until you can't take it anymore. This is an island beauty of orgasmic proportions, and she's nude and on video just inside...

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Undressing Beauty

This is a WAY hot video, featuring Sammy, our "Miss Island Eyes 2006" (search it, dudes! It's for REAL!), getting naked in the bathroom, looking over her absolutely gorgeous body, sharing it all with our members and generating some serious DROOLAGE! Come into my world and share some Sammy stuff!

- Daisy

New Video - Sammy - Intimately Yours

As I've mentioned, Sammy is our Miss Island Eyes 2006 model, and we've been proud to work with her and to be able to let you show her all that she has, because Sammy is one of our many ALL NUDE models, and she is a WAY hot one, too. Now you get to hear all about her imaginations, fantasies, dreams, and desires. Come on in and fall in love!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Venice View

Sammy, as you may know, is the new Miss Island Eyes 2006. That means she went up a whole bunch of other Asian or Asian-like models and she won. She was the hottest, and she got the crown. She is the girl of the islands that you want in your hut.

And we have her. Posing naked on a balcony on Venice Beach. She might be for their island, but she's for our beach - Miss Daisy Beach Girl 2006. So hot, so tan, so beautiful with her big round breasts and eyes...this is your moment to have everything you want.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Island Ecstasy

Sammy is a serious girl. She knows she's a goddess, and she looks the part, staring longingly into the distance, waiting for her man.

But she can also be silly, too. And frisky. And very naughty in the mouth.

If you love island girls, this is the set for you. Sammy's prize bounty is out for all to see. She is a winner.

Browse thru these photos and get a glimpse of a perfect female form.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Sweaty Flesh

Sammy has this way of posing that is unique on our site.

She stretches her body out, strong and elegant, turning it in all sorts of directions to bring out the incredible shape of her body. It's like she's doing yoga, but she's naked, and she's turning you on.

On a porch overlooking the beaches of Venice, she gives you her beautiful body.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Way Too Hot  

There's something almost mystical about Sammy's beauty.

It's equally old world - like she's a Thai goddess or something - and yet there's something new world, typifying, as she does, the hot young sensual Asian Californian.

But no matter where she's comin' from, Sammy is all gorgeous as she strips off her lovely garments and lets us into her secrets.

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Autumnal Melons  

Autumn is here, and winter is soon coming.

The melons are ripe. Full and juicy and round and ripe.

And Sammy's got some of the sweetest in all the land.

You know what Doctor Daisy says: A melon a day keeps the blue balls away!

- Daisy

New Photo Set - Sammy - Delicious Forever  

Sammy is totally delicious forever.

Here you can see some shots of her topless on the balcony in Venice (where she has a party bungalo).

What I like is how her look fluctuates between being a sort of all-American babe and a very Asian, almost geisha-like, Asian woman.

She's an international phenomenon, and only DAISY has her naked!

- Daisy

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