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posted: 11/05/05

Afternoon Delight

Daisy's Blog Entries on Shelle

New Model - Shelle - Afternoon Delight

Meet Shelle. She’s the one girl on this site that I would most have thought would never appear on a nude site. She’s quiet, lives a conservative lifestyle, and keeps it simple. I met her at my gym, where she works in the office. When I asked her if she wanted to pose for my website, she laughed and walked away. I had to ask three more times before she said yes! And even then, you can see how shy she is on camera. It’s kinda cute :-)

Shelle has the most amazing eyes, and the way she uses them to capture the attention of the lens is perhaps unparalleled of any of my models. She knows how to draw the viewer into her sphere of influence. And once you’re there, it feels so right. Spend some time with Shelle, and savor her slow, mellow, shy sweetness. It’s the simple things in life that always feel the best!

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